Genx Esports

About Us

Genx Esports was officially formed on February 8, 2018. What started with a few friends quickly grew into a community of several hundred people, and then into a full-fledged gaming organization. We have community hubs for several different games and are always looking for others to expand to and support.

At our core we focus on providing everyone with an enjoyable place to play games of all sorts with a casual atmosphere. There is always something going on and plenty of others to meet and play with! That does not mean we are without a competitive side though, supporting teams for Rocket League, PUBG, and CS:GO. Everyone has a place at Genx Esports!


If you are looking for a community to just find some people and game, then join the discord hop in a channel and be a part of the community. We support a lot of games and even the games that aren't supported, we have plenty of players willing to join in to anything you are in the mood for.

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Join us for when Genx goes live! You'll see our streamers, tournaments, and events hosted by Genx Esports. Not only that but our streamers play games such as PUBG, Destiny, and a variety of other games. Don't forget to follow us so you can see when we go live next!

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